Seeking help in an emergency?

About AutoSOS

AutoSOS is the essential companion for alarming in case of emergency.
(See in Google Play). 

Basic Functionality

  • Alarming in case of emergency (via phone call and SMS with a link to Google Maps)
    • No Internet required, i.e. no need to purchase data packages for alerting (neither at home nor abroad).
    • Locating the alarming mobile phone with and without  GPS (less accurate)
  • Speed dial and alarming from the lock screen
  • Misplaced your mobile phone?
    • Locate the mobile phone via SMS command (see SMS command LOC)
    • Eases finding the mobile phone in close proximity, by making it ring through an SMS command, even in silent mode (see SMS command RING)
  • Alerting of incoming alarm SMS, even in silent mode
  • Alerts when alarm SMS is received from burglar alarm systems, even if the mobile phone is muted
  • Facilitate the location of the mobile phone in case of theft by reporting its current position:
    • in response to an SMS command  (see SMS command LOC)
    • when the SIM card is changed 

 If the alarm SMS contains cell tower and WLAN information (instead of a GPS Google Maps link), the alarm receiver must be an Android mobile phone. It must have AutoSOS installed. Alternatively, such an SMS may be forwarded to someone who has AutoSOS installed.

Please note: The alarm emitter must have “Location” enabled under Android. This is the only way for apps to get access to “location sources” (GPS, cell phone masts, and WLAN). Cell phone masts and WLAN are used by AutoSOS for location if GPS reception is missing. The “Android location” is mandatory, not only for AutoSOS but for all apps that offer position finding. (See: Location / GPS And Battery Consumption With Android)

 Only works with Android versions < 10

Feel Safe

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AutoSOS alarms predefined recipients in case of emergency without an internet connection.

Defined alarm receivers are called and SMS is sent to these recipients, with information on the current mobile phone position. (e.g. SMS containing the mobile phone location as a link (URL) to Google Maps).

Only the alarm recipients need an internet connection in order to access the map via the link provided through the SMS.

If there is no GPS signal, AutoSOS sends SMS with information about the nearest mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi stations. If also installed on the receiver side, AutoSOS can use this information to calculate approximate coordinates.

One of the advantages of AutoSOS over other apps is that when traveling abroad, alarms can be sent without having to purchase a data package. (For sending SMS in the event of an alarm, roaming charges may apply.)

The alarm can be raised:
  • by using the SOS slider/button
  • by pulling the earphone plug (Hint: Cut the cord of an old earphone and make a loop or knot.)
  • by the absence of significant motion
  • by holding or clicking one of the volume buttons several times
  • by pressing the power button several times
  • by pressing a Flic button (to be bought separately from
  • by using Bluetooth remote controls
  • when the battery is low of charge
AutoSOS also reacts to commands received by incoming SMS:

Thus AutoSOS can be used in order to locate the mobile phone from any other mobile phone:

  • by receiving SMS command #PIN#LOC, AutoSOS sends an SMS with the actual position of the mobile phone back to the sender
  • by receiving SMS command #PIN#RING, AutoSOS initiates the mobile phone to ring for 1 minute, even if it is muted
  • by receiving SMS command #PIN#CALL, AutoSOS starts an automatic call back
How AutoSOS reacts to incoming SMS
  • on the side of the alarm receiver, signals the arrival of alarm SMS even if the mobile phone is in muted
  • AutoSOS lets the mobile phone ring, even if it is muted
  • AutoSOS sends back the actual position of the mobile phone via SMS
  • AutoSOS calls back the SMS sender (only after an alarm)

Further Features

  • Location of the mobile phone in case of theft. Whenever the SIM card is changed, AutoSOS will report the new phone number and the actual coordinates to all predefined alarm recipients per SMS. (Works only with Android < 10)
  • After an alarm is raised, AutoSOS will automatically try to answer incoming phone calls for 1 hour (AutoSOS waits some time before picking up). Newer Android versions and some mobile phone models prevent this automatic answer function. In this case, AutoSOS rejects the incoming call and sends an SMS back, telling that it will call back. After a waiting time, AutoSOS initiates the callback. This waiting time allows the alarm recipient to hang up. Otherwise, AutoSOS would get an occupied line when calling back.
    • Callbacks from phone numbers that are not registered in the alarm recipient list will be ignored.
    • In case an alarm recipient calls back, while a phone call connection is already established, the caller will get an SMS containing the phone number of the first caller.
  • When AutoSOS receives a call after an alarm, AutoSOS will automatically activate the hands-free mode, even if the earphone is plugged in (if the Android version and the mobile phone model allows it)
  • Whenever the SIM card is exchanged by another SIM card, AutoSOS will report the ID of the new SIM card and the actual coordinates per SMS to all predefined alarm recipients (helps to identify the theft of the mobile phone). This is no longer possible with Android versions > 9.

Location & Battery Consumption

AutoSOS was developed with the intent to use as little battery as possible.
AutoSOS only checks every 15 minutes whether the mobile phone is in motion.
Only when motion is detected, AutoSOS use the GPS for a short time.
In order for AutoSOS to determine location data in this way, AutoSOS (from Android version 10 on) must be given the permission “Allow all the time” to use the location.

See: Choose which apps use your Android phone’s location


AutoSOS needs a connection to mobile antennas in order to work.
For example, if you are in a remote area with no reception, AutoSOS cannot work.